entry #009 – cancer notes

A COSMIC SHRIMP contribution for Self Practice:

Cancer season takes us back to our roots to honour them, and to give thanks to our care takers for their unique offering of nurturance.

To embody Cancer, notice how you attune to others’ needs, and how you instinctively protects what’s most precious and vulnerable to you. This could be pets, friends, family, clients, plants, the body… any form of life which feels sacred to you.

Cancer is where we take on extra emotional responsibility, feeling the cuts and scrapes on the knees of our dear ones as if it were on our own skin. It’s when someone’s happiness means we can breathe out with relief, and when someone’s sadness feels like our biggest failure. It’s us searching for a way to make it better, frantically grasping for band-aids and chocolates, presents and hugs, soft blankets and warm kisses.

Cancer asks us to reflect on upbringing and the role our parents played in forming our ability to look after ourselves – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It may not have always been in the most loving of ways, but often our parents shortcomings plant the seed for our greatest strengths to grow.

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